I believe everybody needs a life coach.

I mean everybody. Even a life coach should get a life coach.

Why? Because life is too complex to face alone, we need help managing our obligations, wants, needs, and desires in order to bring balance to our life.

Yes, we all want to be happy, but none of us can identify what happiness is or really means to us.

What we really want is satisfaction, what we really want is fulfillment, what we ultimately want is to be content and that requires balance.

For the vast majority of us, life feels like running with a full cup of water while trying to keep it from spilling. Sounds nearly impossible, and for nearly all of us, it is.

Our future leaders have their hands full as she tries to balance the following: being a parent, being a spouse, leading her company, eating healthy, exercising everyday, getting adequate rest, exploring her spirituality, having some fun, traveling to new places, physically contributing her time to charity, pursuing further education, managing finances, maintaining friendships, and expressing her emotions healthily through her hobbies or art.

And of course, she has to have the discipline to keep a smile on her face even though she is falling apart. Even when she rewards herself for all the hard work she has done, she feels guilty about it.

The problem is we feel alone in our struggles. We believe that everyone else has this juggling act down to a manageable science. Little do we know, almost everyone feels the same exact way and we are too afraid to admit it.




That is why we all need Life Coaches. And we must first admit we need help, then we must get rid of the following misconceptions about life coaches:

Life coaches don’t have the answers, good life coaches have questions because they understand that the only person who has answers, is YOU!!! Their job is to help you discover the answers

Life coaches aren’t here to judge you, good life coaches are emotionally intelligent, they have the unique ability to empathize with you and your situation and to regulate their emotions during social interactions. They feel your stress which helps them relate to your struggle.

Life coaches don’t have perfect lives, life is a balancing act, no one’s life is perfect we all have problems. It’s the life coach’s imperfections that make them valuable. You want a coach that has experienced adversity in their life, just like you would rather have a surgeon with experience instead of a brand new surgeon for a life-threatening operation.

Life coaches don’t have to be more successful than you, success can only be defined intrinsically. A life coaches job is to help you achieve your goals not to make you feel inferior because of how great their life is.

Here is what a good life coach can do for you:

  1. Hold You Accountable – I’m not talking about giving you a letter grade like a school or scolding you like a parent. You need someone to provide you with feedback so you can do some introspection and react accordingly. Most of us have all kinds of metrics that measure our performances at work which stresses us out, why not have a life coach who will only present the metrics that are important to you, and since you are the boss you don’t have to worry about external pressure and expectations.
  2. They Listen to You – Life coaches actively listen, meaning they attempt to cut out all distractions in order listen to you. Many of us don’t feel like anyone is listening to us at work or at home, it is extremely important that we voice our concerns to a caring individual. Listening is a skill, that requires preparation and practice. Sadly. most of society isn’t prepared to listen to you. A life coach, not only listens to the words that come out of your mouth but also your tone, your body language, and your eye contact. Most importantly, they do it without judgment, they do it with emotional intelligence.
  3. Manage Time – Life is made of time, however, it never seems like we have enough time to do anything. A good life coach helps you manipulate time. They also help you to learn how to make time. That’s impossible! Not really, you manipulate time by planning and you make time through the actions you complete with your time. Life coaches understand that the most important investment you could ever make in life is what you do with your time.
  4. Ask Questions – If you want answers, you have to ask questions, you have to be curious you have to be interested. And if you want better answers you need better questions. Wouldn’t it be great if you had two intelligent people asking questions about you (yourself and a life coach)? You will not only get more answers, you will finally get the attention that you have been yearning for. A life coach is genuinely interested and curious about you and how you operate. You are special and once you have a life coach they will never let you forget it.
  5. Generate Ideas – Our lives are governed by ideas like politics, religion, money, and work to name a few. It is important to discover ideas that server you and your goals. A good life coach will not only help you generate ideas but they will also share ideas and help you evaluate ideas. Being able to bounce ideas of a non-judgmental being is an invaluable experience, compared to the normal society of dream killers.

What we really need in life is an ally. Someone who will understand the difficulties of everyday life. Someone who will listen to our struggles and not make us feel bad about ourselves. We need someone who will actually listen to us and help us find solutions unique to our goals, needs, wants, and desires. Someone who will help us remain disciplined, someone to share ideas with, someone who is interested in our essence as a human being.

Someone that she can ask the question “Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Fairest of Them All?” And the Life Coach will reflect back to her an optimistic, healthy, rich, educated, creative, giving, recharged, mother, spouse, leader, explorer, who can have her cake and eat it too.