What is an Expert?

Who is an Expert?

An expert is someone who has extensive knowledge, skill, and experience in a particular area. Usually, doctors or lawyers come to mind when we think of experts. We also associate experts with people who have knowledge in areas we fill inadequate in, think we aren’t intelligent enough to figure out, or lack experience with.

Life is very complex, composed of a host of different areas that are impossible for any human being to master. The intelligent among us have figured out that we are all connected and need each other to enhance the quality of our lives. They have also figured out that to maximize our time in life we need to find short cuts. People are our short cuts.

We can reduce some of the adversity in life and maximize our time by seeking help from others. Many happy and successful individuals will tell you they received help from other to achieve their goals and dreams. The intelligent among us seek mentors, coaches, counselors, and or consultants to help them along their journey in life. However, there still exist a large amount of us who fail to tap into this resource, leaving us stuck and frustrated with the adversity in our life.

Why are many of us stuck in life?

Why are so many of us frustrated with life?

Why are we so reluctant to seek help?

Why won’t we consult THE EXPERT?

What do I mean by THE EXPERT?

THE EXPERT I am referring to is You!!!!!!

Yes, in matters concerning you, YOU ARE THE EXPERT! Who else possess the most knowledge about you, who else has the experience of being you, and who else has the skills to be you.

Our major problems in life begin at an early age. Our parents, government, schools, and religious institutions tell us who or what we are supposed to be. This problem is further compounded by our friendships, and lastly by the media. We trust the images and stories of others, even when we feel differently inside. We battle ourselves, rejecting what we feel for what we were taught by others.

What’s wrong with that picture?

The same thing that is wrong with going to a lawyer for a heart transplant?

We are taking advice from someone who isn’t an expert.

If we would consult THE EXPERT about our lives,

We wouldn’t be so uncomfortable with ourselves

We wouldn’t be so frustrated with ourselves

We wouldn’t be so unhappy with ourselves

Instead, we would be happier, more successful, and living more fulfilled lives. We would be less reluctant to share our expertise with others and finally seek out mentors, coaches, counselors, and consultants to help us on our journey.

Because before we seek help from others on our journey we must harness our intelligence and intuition to trust and help ourselves.