Unless you are a twin you came into this world alone and it is highly likely you will die alone (this is probably true even if you are a twin). So you shouldn’t be surprised when no one believes in your cause, your product, or your ideas, making you feel alone. One of the major obstacles that leaders, entrepreneurs, and artist encounter, is that no one believes in them. Your ability to get support from others will ultimately decide if you are successful or not. If you want to move past this obstacle you must understand the three main reasons why no one believes in you; proof, reputation, and energy.

Humans are conditioned to understand the world through their senses and experiences as proof that the world exists. If you present a unique, new and foreign idea, belief, or product to someone, their natural reaction is “Prove it”.  You can probably remember as a child, many of your challenges with other children were created because someone needed proof. Fortunately, you can easily overcome this obstable by presenting the proper evidence or demonstration. If you are unable to find proof sometimes a cosigner can help (like when you were a kid and you said to your cosigner “didn’t I do two back flips” and the cosigners says “yeah he almost did 3”). Even with a cosigner eventually, people will still need proof and if you can’t deliver, don’t expect them to believe in you.

Without proof, the next best way to gather support for your ideas, causes, or products is your reputation. Most people believe the idioms “history repeats itself” or “we are creatures of habits”, which means your historical actions and habits should align with your idea, cause, or product if you want a customer or supporter without proof. Our brains are constantly trying to predict the future to make sure our entity reacts to each sitution properly. If your story (history) doesn’t correlate with your ideas, cause, or product you are going to activate the flight or fight response in others, and when spectators see others running they naturally run too. Fortunately, having a cosigner with a great reputation can help you gather the support you need (like when the smartest girl in school tells others you are really smart, everyone automatically believes her and in you). However, without your own reputation people will eventually ask you to prove it, regaurdless of your cosigner.

When all else fails and you don’t have any proof or a reputation, people look at your energy. We are energy beings and we are natuarally attracted to energetic people. The popular kids in school were ussually funny, creative, artistic, athletic, or loud. Very rarely were extremely shy kids popular, why, because they didn’t give off enough energy. Humans need energy and if you can provide more energy than you need, you will attract the support of others. On the other hand, If you have low energy you won’t be able to hold anyone’s attention. So, find some excitment, speak up, be passionate, and believe in your idea, product, service, or cause because if you don’t, no one else will… and no one can cosign for your energy.

Now that you know why no one believes in you, it is time to turn your luck around. How can you fix this problem?  You can use your issus to fix your problem. Just gather enough Energy, to start building your Reputation and eventually you will create enough Proof to perservere through your situation. You even have head start…. Because I BELIEVE IN YOU.



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