Why are people so afraid of leadership?

Most people love attention, respect, and to stand out amongst their peers, so why wouldn’t they want to lead. While leadership sounds alluring, many are afraid to harness one skill that is essential to leadership.


Not your normal thinking, critical thinking.

Societal evolution through the development of technology has made life much easier for the current generations as compared to their ancestors. Here are some examples of why life today is easier than the life of the past:

  • Most people don’t have to hunt for food
  • Most people don’t have to prepare food
  • Most people don’t have to build shelter
  • Most people don’t have to create work
  • People can find their mate through a computer
  • Information is no longer a commodity it is at everyone’s fingertips
  • Mobile devices can take care of everyone’s communication and entertainment needs

Society may function easier, however, its ease makes it difficult to be a leader.

Since people don’t have to critically think about how to take care of their everyday needs, they fail to develop the critical thinking skills to be a leader. Instead, they are taught how to be comfortable. People fail to develop their own opinions.

Someone tells us:

  • What to believe spiritually
  • What to believe politically
  • What to do at work
  • What to wear
  • and the list goes on and on…

People are so busy doing what they are told that they don’t know why they do anything.

Unfortunately, being a leader usually means being different from the majority, having a vision, and creating your own path. People are so accustomed to the ease of society that they are extremely uncomfortable thinking for themselves or creating. This can be witnessed by observing the reaction of individuals when they lose their phones. Many can’t function without their “smart phones,” experiencing anxiety and panic attacks because they believe their life is over without their phone. People are afraid to think outside the box, they have learned not to trust themselves.

If society is to continue evolving it needs leaders, people who think. If people did more critical thinking, they would realize a smartphone is only as intelligent or useful as the inputs of its user. If people did more critical thinking, they would understand their beliefs transcend the limitations of religion and politics. If people did more critical thinking, they would create their own path and not blindly follow others. If people did more critical thinking, they would enjoy life because they could be themselves instead of pretending to be someone else. If people did more critical thinking, they wouldn’t be afraid to lead.

If people did more critical thinking, then more people would want to lead.