Leadership will make you rich!

Yes, leadership will make you rich. Not in the traditional sense like having a ton of money but much richer than that. Normally when you hear the word rich you think of money, however, there are other forms of currency that exist in this world that are far more important than money. These currencies include time, attention, and people. To be a great leader you have to have a firm grasp of each of these currencies. The funny thing is if you are able to harness the capabilities of the currencies time, attention, and people you will easily be able to accumulate the monetary fortune you desire.

If you are a leader you are always cognizant of time. Leaders usually create smart goals, which are time phased because of the scarcity of time. In order to accomplish your goals, you have to master time. Most leaders have good time management skills, allowing them to lead others efficiently and with a sense of urgency to capitalize on the present moment. If you are able to achieve your goals in a timely manner you aren’t just an amazing leader, you are rich. You are able to master your time, and since time is what life is made of, you are rich.

Everybody is this world is looking for love and leaders know how to get it. One of the most effective ways to demonstrate love is through attention. Leaders understand that to attract others to follow or assist them, they need to get other’s attention. Creating a compelling vision is just half of the equation, to be a great leader you must listen to others first in order to tie their vision to yours. Once you align your vision with others you can easily get help achieving your goals. You can witness the power of attention by observing the amount of advertising and advertising dollars spent on television or through the impact of social media. Attention means you’re attractive, in other words, you’re a magnet for money and you’re already rich.

The second most important currency on the planet is people. To exist on this planet you need time, to get anything, go anywhere, or create anything you need people. There exists only one requirement to be a leader, that is to have at least one other person following you. Great leaders have many followers, and since people are the gateway to anything in this world, the more followers you have, the richer you are. Look at it this way, if money disappeared or if people stopped believing in money today, it would be the people who had the most influence or the most followers who would be rich. If you study the most successful among us you will recognize they have the most followers and influence. In other words, leaders are rich.

If you want to be a rich, you must learn how to be a great leader. Great leaders have control of time, gather attention from others, and have many people following them. Great leaders are rich because they have accumulated 3 of our most important currencies. And when you have accumulated time, attention, and people/followers, money is not far behind.