You Suck!!

Yes, I’m talking to you!!

I’m sure this isn’t the first time you have heard someone say this to you, however, this may be the first time you believe it.

And it is very important that you know you suck and you believe it.

Let’s face it, you are only good at a handful of things. Most things you aren’t very good at, however, you pretend that you are good at things to satisfy your ego. Your inflated ego is the catalyst to many of your problems.

Once you understand you suck, you can deflate your ego, and release yourself from your self-created stress.

You can stop pretending you are great at everything,

You can stop pretending that you are so important.

You can stop pretending you are someone else just to impress others.

You can stop judging yourself for every shortcoming.

Most of us go around pretending in order to protect our ego. We don’t want to be exposed for who we really are. This makes us a prisoner within our own entity just to fit in with society. Our national media and social platforms have us believing that we don’t fit in with our attractive, intelligent, rich, and morally just society, therefore, we create an ego to fit in.

News flash, our society is the exact opposite of what is portrayed through popular media.

It is time to free yourself, let go of your ego and just be yourself.

Yes, you have heard it a thousand times, be yourself. Aren’t you tired of the stress, aren’t you tired of pretending, and aren’t you tired of the pressure to impress others. The best part of being yourself is you suck way less because you can truly focus on what you don’t suck at.

If you suck, it is ok to make mistakes.

If you suck, it is ok to not fit in with society.

If you suck, it is ok to be you.

Beside’s, if you are great at anything, others will tell you, no need to tell yourself. The next time you want to know how great you are, ask someone else, don’t rely on your own opinion because YOU SUCK!