If you are an employer out there, I hope the title has captured your attention, please excuse the curse word. However, it seems as if employees for the last few years have been begging for your attention.

And not many are listening…  Does anyone care?

Here is the state of the union: People are more stressed than ever, they are lonelier, they are working harder, and their real wage is getting smaller. All of this is happening while they watch the stock market rise and companies having record profits. They see CEO’s getting richer but they are getting poorer, fatter, sicker, and more stressed. You may say “Who the F**k cares?” but you should care.


Because for the vast majority of companies its employees are at the center of everything, They create your product and they deliver your product/service. Ask yourself who is going to deliver or produce the better product/service, a happy and healthy employee or a sick, poor, and stressed employee.

How does this affect your bottom line? Well, would you rather buy from an engaged or disengaged employee? Whom would you trust to buy a quality product from an engaged or disengaged employee? Most business stress over their customer’s experience…  And who is responsible for that experience your employees!!!!

Employers need to treat their employees as well as their shareholders and to the same standards, they would like their customers treated.

Employers need to understand the wants, needs, and desires of their employees.

Employers need to understand the problems of their employees.

Employers need to listen to their employees.

Employers need to care.

As an employer when you hear the murmurings of raising the minimum wage, wage inequality, or the income gap between the rich and the poor, you can’t ignore it.  You have to address these issues. Maybe you can’t afford to raise everyone’s wage, but what can you do?  Can you provide more flexible schedules, Can you allow more people to work remotely, Can you give more vacation time, Can you close for the holidays?

Whatever, just do something, employees out there are over the current state of their work environments and we can all feel a massive change coming due to technological advances in society.

You may ask “what are the repercussions if you fail to empathize with your employees” Well when the technological shift impacts your company and you need some help or your business collapses, employees and customers will say to you “Who the f**k cares?