Have ever had a colossal failure?

Have you ever had a failure so bad that you lost your identity?

Have you ever had a failure so bad that you lost all of your money?

Have you ever had a failure so bad that it sent you into depression?

A failure so bad that you wanted to hide from your friends or family?

This could include: a divorce, a breakup after a long relationship, a failed business, bankruptcy, an uncontrollable emotional meltdown in front of a large group of people you admire and respect, maybe going to jail or prison, an embarrassing post on social media, failing out of college, choosing the wrong career, and the list goes on and on.

Experiencing a colossal failure doesn’t necessarily make you a failure, it can also mean you loved something so much that you were attached to it. Or, that you lived passionately and losing whatever it was, has broken your heart. No matter the reason for your failure, it is trying to point you in a new direction so that you can survive.

Unfortunately, our society ridicules those who have colossal failures. This creates fear in the hearts of the majority of society. Most believe that by playing life safe they are ensured a successful life without failure. Yet, there is no safety in life, life gets its very meaning due to the failure of life, death. While playing it safe may help you avoid most colossal failures and ridicule, it may also prevent you from experiencing an extraordinary life. This will leave you with life’s biggest colossal failure, regret.

To experience colossal failure you have to test the limits of life. Testing these limits is what helped our society evolve.

Someone had to colonize the country

Someone had to build the railroads

Someone had to build the automobile

Someone had to build the personal computer

Someone had to create the internet

Someone had to fly into space

All of these are major accomplishments for society and its evolution. Each of these has had a major impact on the quality of your life. Many of which included multiple colossal failures.

All of society’s greatest accomplishments are on the other side of failure.

After the heartbreak

After the disappointment

After the embarrassment

After the depression

There is life!!

Many are afraid that after a colossal failure that their life will be over, only to find out, that they have survived. One of mankind’s greatest discoveries is there is life after failure. This gives you a new energy for life. You survive and you become stronger than you were prior to your experience. You have scars to show others, inspiring them to test the limits of life. You push evolution forward. You use your second chance to begin more intelligently and more passionately. You unlock your fear of failure, for your love of success. Most importantly, you gain a new appreciation and love for life.