Leadership is a Lonely Journey

For most people, the thought of being idolized, followed, or famous is a dream. We are focused on the end result. We are fixated on the glamorous depictions of our famous leaders. Unfortunately, we become so infatuated with the small window of success leaders experience, we gloss over their long tumultuous journey.

Before most leaders accomplish their goals, are idolized, are followed, or are famous they endure a lonely journey.


because leaders see what others can’t

because leaders do what others are afraid to do

because leaders act while others talk and watch

Leaders act on their own intuition while others conform to the actions that fit in with the majority of society. This leaves leaders isolated, unpopular, and lonely. Before a leader is celebrated, their actions, visions, and beliefs must be accepted by the popular society.

This is no easy task.

We can examine our history and recognize that the vast majority of our leaders have had to endure hardships and adversity that lasted much longer than their successes. Many of our leaders failed to be recognized massively and or properly until their death or years after their death.

It is in the best interest of future leaders to study the historic journeys of our great leaders. It will be those stories that will keep future leaders company on their long, difficult, unpopular, and lonely journey.