Most of the people I meet today are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Yet, most of the people I meet don’t even know that they are sick and tired. We have become accustomed to covering up our illness. Even as I write this, I am working to overcome my illnesses.

Yes, I said illnesses! Most of us only think that we are only sick when we have physical ailments, and nearly all of us are in denial that we have mental ailments. However, almost none of us recognize that we are also sick spiritually.

Our entity is physical, mental, and spiritual and if we aren’t looking at our whole entity we will remain sick and tired, we probably won’t even recognize that we are sick. Here are a few symptoms we are experiencing that are telling us that we are sick:

We are pessimistic

We hate your jobs

We aren’t learning new things

We aren’t discovering new people places or things

We are consistently fighting with our spouses, children, or our extended family

We aren’t expressing ourselves or how we feel

We have no desire to help others

We don’t exercise

We aren’t sleeping 

We are having financial problems

We don’t do anything for fun

We mask our pain through addictions

The bad news is that we will never become perfect human beings, the good news is we are perfectly imperfect. It is adversity that brings meaning to life otherwise we would be bored to death. Our goal should be to find some balance in our lives because within balance lies contentment. It is when we lose that balance that our entity becomes sick and tired. The following are a few things you can do to begin to get your health back when you become sick and tired:

  • Stop everything and be still. Most of us are busy and don’t even know why we haven’t recharged. We have become so busy we are afraid to be still and do absolutely nothing. If we are sick and tired we need to: call in sick to work; find a babysitter;  and turn off our phones, computers, and televisions. We must stop doing anything or talking to anyone; learn to be alone without any stimulation, and to cease to be a human doing and to become a human being. Some people only need to do this for a day, others may need a week, months, and even years. This will not be easy but it is absolutely necessary, this is the first step to giving us peace of mind.


  • Introspect. Once we become still we will begin to notice things about our lives: how afraid that we are of ourselves or to be by ourselves, why we are so angry or upset, that we are in pain, that we may be depressed, that we may need some help, that we aren’t being true to ourselves, that we are stuck in life, that we are just stimulating ourselves to avoid our issues, and that we are blaming everybody for our problems just to name a few. And we will finally realize that the common denominator to all of our problems is OURSELVES!!!


  • Observe Our Inputs. After introspection, we must investigate why we do what we do. Why are we are programmed the way we are, which means what is making us sick?  We will begin to realize, that we have allowed something foreign to poison our entities, we have allowed something to enter our system. It could have been food, music, religion, relationships, books, television, ideas, and or experiences and many more things we have come into contact with through our 5 senses. Our goal is to identify the poisons and work to get rid of them  and to prevent future encounters with them in the future.


  • Lastly, we must Cleanse Our Entity. We can cleanse our bodies through the food we eat, exercise, and relaxation. To cleanse our minds we have to unplug from our external environment through the following ways: rest or sleep; relaxation; getting off of our phones and social media; writing in a journal; and using planners to plan our goals, dreams, and life to get the clutter out of our heads. To cleanse our spirit we can do the following: meditate; walk in nature; explore our artistic and creative abilities and lastly, find our purpose in life to stop the unnecessary use of our energy. We can also fast through temporarily removing things such as food, electronics, or any other external stimulations from our consumption to optimize the function of our entities.

The human body is the most amazing operating system ever created. It gives us cues based on the inputs of our external environment that helps us manage our lives. One of the most beneficial cues it can give us is warnings signs when we are sick and tired. If we are intelligent, we will heed the signs and stop what we are doing, recognize the symptoms, and observe what is going on in our bodies in order to cleanse our systems so that we can get a fresh start.