What is the world’s most important energy source? Is it the wind, water, electricity, oil, or coal?

What if I told you that it wasn’t any of them?

What if I told you that there is a resource that is more powerful than any of the previously mentioned energies combined?

To help you discover this resource/energy source, I’ m going to need you to stand or sit in one place uninterrupted for approximately 60 seconds. During this 60 seconds, I want you to look at your surroundings and notice the objects around you. Please do this now.

What objects did you see around you?

How many objects did you physically create?

How many of these objects do you interact with on a daily basis?

How many of these objects enhance your life?

If you completed this exercise at home, maybe you noticed your carpet or flooring, chairs, computers, televisions, clothing, and countless other objects.

If you were at work you may have noticed a desk, computer, chairs, pens, pencils, and countless other things.

If you were outside you may have noticed a park, sidewalks, streets, benches, shops, and countless others objects and structures.

While you may have noticed an infinite amount of objects, you probably missed the fact that you haven’t created any of it.

The reality is that other human beings are responsible for almost everything you interact with on a daily business. Other human beings are responsible for your quality of life. It is because of the sacrifices and hard work of others that you have running water, a chair to sit on, a computer or a smartphone to interact with. Human beings are the ultimate energy/natural resource!

Yes, the wind, water, oil, electricity, and coal are important, however, you wouldn’t experience any of these energies without the energy of human beings. All of the energy from our natural resources has existed before humans, yet, until humans utilized and harnessed these resources their potential energy was unrecognized. This makes the human being the most important energy source on the planet.

Now that you recognize the value of human beings, it is important to utilize your energy properly. As a human being, you must:

utilize your energy to spread love

utilize your energy to embrace other human beings

utilize your energy to help others

utilize your energy to create

utilize your energy to educate others

Most importantly, be grateful for your fellow human beings because they have made sacrifices and created opportunities for your that you may never fully realize.

Once you fully understand the value of others you will realize the infinite potential energy when you synergize with others and that you are not powerless in this world. Instead, you will realize every person on this planet has access to the world’s most powerful and important energy/natural resource, a human being.