The world is not flat! Santa Clause isn’t real! My parents aren’t perfect!

At some point, most of us were astonished to discover these truths. Ok, maybe I was pushing it with the world is not flat.

What is the TRUTH?

People fight over their religious and political ideologies to the death because of their beliefs on what is true. People also witness the same things and experience the same circumstances yet, their perception of the truth are different.

As we grow into adults who have the ability to understand the world for ourselves, we discover truth. However, many of us struggle to use our critical thinking to challenge the belief systems our parents, teachers, government, and other institutions have instilled in us.

Many may argue that these institutions are created for the greater good, yet, fail to acknowledge the control element of the systems created. The majority of our truths come from the ideals of the dominant culture. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, our inclination to obey authority limits our ability to critically think for ourselves.

If you doubt the affect your parents, teachers, government, and institutions have on your idea of truth, take a moment to critically think about the following:

  1. If you have a religious affiliation, did you make that choice?
  2. If you have a political party affiliation did you make that choice?
  3. Was the decision to attend school, college, and or your job or career made enthusiastically by you?

Now that you are critically thinking, its time for the truth about everything.

The truth in this world is you.

Yes, you!!

The only thing you can be certain about is yourself and how you perceive your world.

You determine the possibilities in your world by your beliefs.

It is up to you to experience, ask questions, and research your world to discover truth.

No one can interpret the world quite like you can.

Stop letting others determine your limitations in life.

Think about how people felt about the possibilities of planes, radios, or even electricity before they were invented. Despite the beliefs of the majority, a few individuals decided to pursue their truth and make these inventions happen.

Your success, happiness, and fulfillment in life depend on your truth.

Don’t take my word for it!

Go discover if for yourself!

The truth is relative to the individual, and since this world revolves around you, you may discover your perfect parents aren’t lying about Santa Clause after all.