Marriage is a rite of passage or staple of many cultures. You could also look at marriage as a commitment, promise, and or contract between two people. Marriage is a major decision and you must think about it more carefully than the agreements you sign with your phone and web applications. Unfortunately, many marriages end up in divorce because people aren’t making the proper choice for marriage.

People aren’t marrying the person they should be marrying.

If you want to avoid being another statistics you should get to know yourself better.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, The Person You Should Marry is Yourself.

Marriage is a Commitment. Marriage requires responsibility, sacrifice, and a contract. All of which you need for yourself. Before you say till death do us part to someone else, you must recognize the unlimited liability for yourself. You must take ownership of your life and anything that happens to you. You must recognize the that the common denominator to all of your problems is you. If you want to gain control of your life you have to commit to being responsible for your life.

Life is full of polarity: hot and cold, light and dark, happy and sad. It is no different in marriage. To gain the benefits of marriage you have to give up some of your personal freedom. You have to sacrifice! Before you give up your personal freedom you have to understand what you truly want in life. You must understand who you are first and be committed to figuring yourself out. Once you figure yourself out, you determine what you need and are willing to give up and then become committed to making those sacrifices to live a more fulfilled life. Be committed to yourself first and sacrifice committing to others, until you figure out yourself.

Lastly, you need to sign a contract with yourself to keep yourself accountable. You need to promise yourself that you will commit to figuring yourself out. You need to commit to being honest with yourself. You need to commit to accepting yourself and all of your flaws. You need to commit to loving yourself unconditionally. You need to commit to making yourself happy.

Once you have signed your personal contract with a pen and your heart, then and only then, after marrying yourself, can you become ready to marry someone else.