Unfortunately, your brain is so busy it doesn’t have the capacity to consciously focus on two things simultaneously, so you either forget about your issues till you have a trigger/reminder or your issues nag at you subconsciously.

Recording what is on your mind brings your issues physically to life. It also clears your mind so that you can better utilize your energy. A great way to bring your life back into balance is to make time (a day, a couple of days, or a week) to write down everything that you are concerned about in your life. This allows you to see everything giving you the space to create vision for your life. With vision you can properly allocate the appropriate time, energy, resources, and priority to the issues in your life. That’s Life Balance. 

One great resource to help you get started and help you to create a system for recording as well as reacting appropriately in your life, is the book Getting Things Done by David Allen.

In addition to what is on your mind currently, you must also be aware of your aspirations for the future. To discover how click 20/20 vision