Save Yourself


There is a new epidemic sweeping across the country. It is called helplessness. It is caused by wealth, education, technology, social media, overprotective parents, and anything else that makes our world appear to be overly pleasant.

While this may sound like a favorable epidemic, it is actually destroying us. We have become allergic to handwork, patience, and adversity.

More importantly, this epidemic has caused us to stop trying, fear failure. and to not believe in ourselves. Instead, we fill entitled to our current lifestyles and the possibilities of riches and material wealth in our near future. Never mind the sacrifices others have made so that we can have our current lifestyles and possibilities.

Things have become so easy for us that many of us would rather turn to a deity, luck, religion, or institutions (government etc.) for help, rather than to help ourselves.

We have forgotten that part of what makes life beautiful is polarity. If life was always easy it would be boring.

We need adversity!

Adversity is part of the process.

Without adversity, we take for granted the things we don’t work for.

Without adversity, we don’t appreciate what we have in life

Without adversity, we don’t know how to fight for life.

Without adversity, we lack the ability to solve our problems

As Bruce Lee says: “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one”.

We must develope the courage to experience and face life’s difficulties, only then can we erradicate the helplessness epidemic sweeping our country.


We can stop blaming others or institutions for our problems.

We can stop expecting others and institutions to solve our problems.

Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves and waiting for help, we need to start looking in the mirror.