Before you can successfully balance your life, your life must have meaning. Purpose is the motor or the heart that energizes your life. There are two levels of purpose: Spiritual and Personal.

On the spiritual level, purpose is used to identify the why behind the universe. It appears that everything has a rhythm, a purpose, and a cadence. If that is true, then human beings as a species have a rhythm, a purpose, and a cadence. It is up to each of us to determine what that purpose is. By determining your spiritual level purpose you create a compass and meaning for life. This is the motor for the inner circle.

After determining your spiritual purpose you can create your personal level purpose. In other words, once you have learned why our species is here, you can then determine how you fit into the spiritual purpose on a personal level. You can create a way to contribute to the spiritual meaning of life by understanding your individual capabilities. This is the motor for the outer circles.

Although it may seem logically that you should begin with purpose, you must start with your current reality because your current life is cluttered with multiple distractions blocking your ability to properly focus.  Click here: Where to Start