Have you ever wondered why so many people are unhappy? Have you ever wondered why you are so unhappy?  As a child, you may have noticed that you’re required very little to be happy, yet, as an adult you acquire a lot of stuff to make you happy and you remain unhappy. It is by examing the differences in adulthood and childhood that you can discover the secret of your unhappiness.

Why is understanding your unhappiness important, well, if you can determine why you are unhappy, you can create a solution to be happy.

Ask yourself this question, is there something a child experiences consist that an adult doesn’t?

There is…..   Growth

Tony Robbins says: “progress equals happiness

Children consistently experience Growth!! Think about it. Their bodies are always growing, they are always learning, and since they are new to this world, they are always experiencing new things. The more you new things encounter, the more your learn about your world. Education is growth and educational moments through experiences you encounter are called enlightenment.

On the other had as adults, for the majority, growth tends to stagnate. Most adults cease to intentionally learn after highschool or college. Most adults work jobs that require little thought, creativity, or effort. Because adults have taught to fear failure, they are afraid to attempt challenging feats or follow their intuition. Fear has paralyzed adults, forcing them to seek safety and comfort, robbing them of their growth and subsequently their happiness.

Now that you understand the secret to your unhappiness it is time you grow up. Take some time to think about what you value in life. Take some time to think to evaluate your life. What are you most unhappy with about your life? Is there growth there.

Are you growing at work

Are your relationships with family growing… spouse… children…relatives?

Are your friendships growing?

Is your net-worth growing?

Are you experiencing new things?

Are you learning new things?

Are you afraid to fail?

You must find ways to grow in each of the areas you value in life. By discovering more about yourself, you are taking a crucial step to growing your happiness. You are discovering the secret to your unhappiness, growth. And when your inner-child grows, you will be happy!