Life Balance is doing more of what we love, when we love, where we love, with whom we love, and knowing why we love to do it. Life Balance is also being Content in our decisions to utilize the appropriate energy, to complete the appropriate action, in the appropriate moment. Meaning at any given time, we are Content with our decision and actions in life.

In short Life Balance is being Content with our lives

It is to BE!!!

If your life is out of Balance, it is because you are misusing your two most valuable resources Time & Energy. You are wasting your time and energy by focusing on the wrong things.

You have probably spent the majority of life looking outside of yourself to be happy. Possibly chasing fancy titles, trying to accumulate things that make you feel valuable, acquiring rewards, and or establishing status. By now, you have realized how daunting it is to keep us this facade. Your spirit is exhausted.

It’s because true happiness is an inside job. Everything you want becomes your prison and everything you are becomes your freedom. You can be rich and not live an enriched life but if you lived an enriched life you will always be rich. Meaning you can have all of the money in the world and still fill miserable and hate your life, however, if you truly love your life, you will always be rich regardless of how much money or possessions you have.

Up until now you have been incorrectly calculating your net worth. Your net worth isn’t how much money you have, how many things you have acquired, or the value of the money and things you have acquired. Your net worth is HOW YOU FEEL. 

If you focus on how you feel and who you are, instead of what you have and what you want, you will be more content with life, meaning you will be happier. It will also help you to simplify your life because you will accumulate less things, be less worried about what others think, and be less attached to anything in this world.

Your life is too complex, you need to simplify it to enrich it. If you focus on your Being, you will be more content with what you do and what you have. You will be less stressed about acquiring, accumulating, and keeping things and more focused and content with enjoying this beautiful experience called life. You will BE!!  That’s Life Balance!!

Here is how to balance your life

Start with 3 simple principles: Give to yourself, Give to others, Recharge

Spend an equal portion of your time giving to yourself, then giving to others, then you recharge so you can repeat this circle of life.

You must first take care of yourself (give to yourself) and when you create an abundance you are ready to share with others (give to others), then you must rest (recharge) so that you can do it again the next day. If you follow these principles your life will be filled with intangible experiences that will create the most joyful life possible.

Next, you need to recognize, understand, prioritize and create goals for the 12 Essential Values for a balanced life. Your goals should be created from the problems and stresses in your life according to the specific value.  Here are the 12 Essential Values:




Creative Expression







Rewards and Consequences


Learn more about each value here.

and or watch brief video here

Lastly, you must search for the highest expression of each value in order to accomplish your goals within each value. The highest expression of each value is to BE. For Example: The highest expression of Relationships is Love, so you have to BE Love in order to accomplish your goals within the relationship value.

Regardless on rather you are trying to improve relationships, create, or sever relationships you have to BE Love. You have to love yourself first to spread enough love to create relationships with others and you have to love yourself in order to sever relationships that adversely affect your life.

IF you become Love (BE Love) you will naturally do what you need to do to accomplish your goals for the relationship value, thus simplifying your life.

Now that you understand how to balance your life, it’s time for you to get started. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or would like some help during this process.

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