Is work sucking the life out of you? Is work sucking?

Just in case you haven’t followed this series up to this point, here are the reasons why work is sucking the life out of you:

The people you are around (coworkers, subordinates, supervisors, and customers)
Your whole life revolves around work (you organize your life around the obligations of work)
You aren’t getting a return on your investment (you aren’t receiving what you expected from work i.e. money, growth, security etc.) Please visit the first three stories in the series prior to this one.
Now that you have a better understanding of what is causing your stress and frustrations with work, it is time to generate some solutions. You must first remember the following:

  • Time is money
  • Life is the stock market

Here are 3 ways to get a return on your investment of time into work.

1. Re-allocate your investment of time into different areas of your life.

Remember if time is money and life are the stock market, then work is a stock, your family is a stock, your heath is a stock, and list goes on. Just as you would periodically check on your investments, you also need to check on the things you value you in life.

If your portfolio (collection of investments) has a stock that isn’t giving you the desired return you may re-allocate some of your money from that investment into investments that are giving you desired returns.

Similarly in life, if work isn’t giving you what you expected from it, you may decide to re-allocate your time from work to an area of your life that is giving you the value you expected. Maybe you want to strengthen your relationship with you significant other or spend time working out and eating better to improve your health. It is also important to remember that you have different needs during different times in your life, it is up to you to organize your life and how work fits into it. You must assess and prioritize where you spend your time in your life regularly, to maximize your happiness and fulfillment in life.

2. Sell, Sell, Sell

What do you do if you have an investment that has never made you any money? What do you do if you have an investment that consistently loses money? You get rid of it! You sell it. Then you utilize the money somewhere else.

Remember time is money and life is the stock market.

If work is drastically affecting you spiritual, mental, and physical health

If you hate going to work

If you don’t like the people you work around

If work drastically reduces the quality of other aspects in your life such as your health, relationships, and happiness

If you haven’t ever received what you expected from work


Work is wasting your time, and time is Money. That means it is time for you to sell. In other words, find something else to invest your time in.

Maybe you go back to school to learn skills for a new career

Maybe you take your skills and expertise to another organization

Maybe you start a new career

Maybe you retire and spend more time enjoying your hobbies

Just don’t waste time!! Remember your time is limited and your goal is to maximize your time into the stock market of life.

3. Hang-on

You have probably noticed that the stock market can be pretty volatile. The volatile nature of the stock market is detrimental to many investments, however, there are many investments that have stood the test of time. When you acquire investments that have a proven track record of consistently making it through adversity you usually hold on to them. Even when they are having a tough year or a couple of years you have faith that they return to the reliable investment they have always been.

Work is also full of ups and downs. The day to day operations can affect how you feel at work from time to time. Even with the struggles, you will remain at work if it is providing you with what you expected from it. You will probably remain in your career when it is laying off employees or restructuring if you have experienced the company triumph through similar circumstances throughout its past. You will probably stay with a company even if you dislike your new supervisor if you are receiving the compensation you expected and you still believe in the overall purpose of the organization.

It is important to understand that life won’t always be great and won’t always be terrible. Sometimes you just have to hang on and ride the wave, it just a matter of time til the tide will change.

In order to prevent work from sucking the life out of you, you must take control of your time. You must understand that the people you work with, how much of your time you allocate to work, and the benefits of your work will drastically affect the rest of your life. You must continuously re-evaluate your investment of time into work as your needs, wants, and desires change, and you age.

If you want to get the most out of work or anything else in life you must remember that Time Is Money and Life Is The Stock Market, Spend Your Time Wisely!