Is Work Sucking the Life Out of You?

Is Work Sucking?

Normally, one or both of the following are reasons why work may be sucking the life out of you:

The people your work with (coworkers, subordinates, supervisors, and customers) see part 1 of this series
Everything you do revolves around work (you let work dictate what you can do and when you can do it, work comes first) see part 2 of this series
If neither of the previous reasons is why work is sucking the life out of you then reason number 3 is.

Before you are presented with reason 3 here are a couple of important reminders:

Time is Money, Life is the Stock Market
Repeat it one more time Time is Money, Life is the Stock Market
Principles for Investing for inexperienced investors (you need good financial advisors, diversify your portfolio, and need to get a return on your investment)
The 3rd Reason why work is sucking the life out of you is, you aren’t getting what you expected in return. Think about why you work where you are currently working. Why did you pick your current job?

Was it suppose to provide you a significant amount of money?

Was it suppose to be a secure and reliable place to work?

Was it suppose to help you grow?

Was it because of the schedule?

Was it because of your interest or passion?

Was it to serve a cause or need in the world?

Have you evaluated your work lately to determine if you received what you expected? Maybe you made lots of money but you work so much you don’t have time to spend it? Is your company getting smaller because every few years it is laying off, threatening your job security? Are you doing the same thoughtless task day after day, stunting your growth and development? Do you still enjoy work or have you ever enjoyed work? Does your work serve or align with your purpose?

If you aren’t happy with the fruits of your labor it is time to re-evaluate your return on your investment of time into work. Remember, Time is Money, and Life is the Stock Market. It is also important for you to realize as you grow and age you have different needs, wants, and desires meaning that you will have different expectations for work. You must assess your work each year to determine if it meeting your current needs and expectations, in other words, you are getting a return on your investment.

Join us for part 4 of is work sucking the life out of you next week.