Why is the Electic Boogie by Marcia Griffiths so popular (electric slide song played at weddings)?

Is it the singer… not quite
Is it the melody …. not quite
Is it your dancing …. not quite

It is actually because the song contains the 3 elements:
1. A unique collection of melodies that
2. Synergies with the rhythm of your heart and
3. Produces a magical expression

I call this Cadence. Cadence is commonly referred to as a regular beat or rhythm.Now before I go into the 3 elements of cadence I want you to understand cadence’s importance in the world.

It takes the earth 365 days each year to orbit around the Sun. We experience each of the four seasons at approximately the same time each year depending on your location. The sun rises and sets at approximately the same time in the same direction each year depending on your location and season.

All of this affects our lives and since there is a rhythm, a purpose, and a cadence to our earth, I believe that everything inside the earth including human beings has a rhythm, a purpose, and a cadence.

To illustrate this point lets take a look at your heart place your two fingers on your chest by your heart.

Do you feel that?

Ccoom Ccoom!!

Just kidding you shouldn’t feel anything, I got that from dirty dancing. Now, place two fingers to the right or left of your adam’s apple (ladies pretend) and I’m sure you will feel your pulse.

Notice that it is not erratic like boom boom bo boom. It has a rhythm, a purpose, and a cadence. So if something as big as our Earth has a purpose, and something as small as your heart has a purpose, then you have a rhythm, a purpose, and a cadence.

Now that you understand Cadence, let’s talk about the 3 essential elements of the uncommon form of Cadence.
1.A song synergizing with

2. the rhythm of your heart
3. producing a magical form of expression

A Song Synergizing

Initially, the Electric Slide is just an average song with a unique collection of melodies. And we enjoy many songs over our lifetime, however, there are only a few songs we actually love.

I want you to think of your song as your talents, skills, and hobbies. We have the ability to do many things and enjoy many others but there are only a few of our capabilities that we truly love doing.

With the Rhythm of Your Heart
Here is where the second element of uncommon cadence comes in, the rhythm of your heart. What separates the Electric slide from other songs? It’s how it makes people feel. When the song plays people have memories of family and friends enjoying each other. The have memories of love.

I want you to think about your talents, skills, and hobbies (we call these your song). Which of these brings you the most attention from others, or the most enjoyment, or helps others. These are all forms of love. When you have found that skill, talent, or hobby that brings you the most love, you have found the rhythm of your heart.

Producing a Magical Expression
That leads us to the 3rd part of the uncommon cadence when your song synergizes with the rhythm of your heart, that’s when the magic happens.
When you hear the song electric slide you are reminded of your joyful experience and you produce magic when you dance, your energy becomes magic.

So you must find your specific (song) talent, skill, or hobby that brings you so much love that you can’t help but produce magic when you express yourself. Maybe you like music, it makes you feel special and you express your magic through the singing.

As you watch the sun rise in the east and set in the west…

You experience the climatic pattern of winter, spring, summer, and fall…

You create a New Years resolutions when the earth completes its 365-day revolution around the sun…

I want you to remember your rhythm, your purpose, and your cadence.
I want you to remember to find your song that synergizes with your heart because that is when the magic happens.
And when you find that rhythm, that purpose, that cadence, I HOPE YOU DANCE