Contrary to common beliefs, the Millennials aren’t the only entitled generation. In fact, most of us in this country feel entitled at some point in time. I define entitlement as, anytime you feel someone else should do something in your interest, in lieu of you doing something for yourself.

We see examples of entitlement every day in this country. People expect the government to raise the minimum wage, raise taxes, or pay for health care. And yes these are difficult subjects to address politically, but I’m not coming at this from a political point of view.

The first settlers and colonizers of this country didn’t have a government. They were responsible for their own food, shelter, and their health. Eventually, they learned that working together was more beneficial than working apart. Fast forward hundreds of years to today and we are now reaping the benefits of our numerous ancestors. Because our life is so much easier than theirs, and we are so far removed from their struggles, we now view our opportunities as entitlements.

Instead of appreciating the opportunity to have health care or the ease and in finding a place to work, we complain when things don’t go exactly as we desire.

When we complain we should ask ourselves one question, who is responsible for my needs, wants, and desires?

And I’m sure we will be astonished by the answer.

It’s time we trade in our ideals of entitlement for personal responsibility and gratitude. There is no way any government, company, or person could ever take care of the needs of millions, however, if we each took personal responsibility for our circumstances, our society would function much better.

So if you want something to be a certain way, Go do it or Go work for it! And the next time you feel entitled to point your finger at the Millennial and say that they are entitled, remember there are three fingers pointing back at you Mr. or Mrs. Entitlement!