Money rules the world. It affects our behavior, it is how most of us determine our success in life. However, it is only one of our four major currencies of our world. The four major currencies include money, attention, people, and time. Of the four, money is probably the least important. Unfortunately, we trade the other three currency cheaply to acquire money, specifically our most important form of currency, time.

Time is our most important form of currency. Without it, nothing else is possible. Most of us don’t take ownership of our time so we are unable to take control of our life. To gain control of our lives we must take control of our time, to take control of our time we must make time for the things we value in life. And to make time for the things we value in life we must take control of the present moment. If we were more strategic with our utilization of time, we would probably live richer lives.

Instead of chasing money, we should be chasing time. We should obsess over our limited time on this planet similar to how we stress over having limited funds in a bank account. We should cherish the present moment like we cherish pay day. We should be as meticulous about planning what we do with our time, as we are about our financial planning or investing. Because what we do with our time is an investment in the quality of our life.

The most successful among us financially, physically, mentally, and spiritually understand the value of time and have learned to take advantage of each and every moment. Most importantly, they have learned how to take control of the present moment. Instead of being held captive to the past or worrying about the future, the most successful amongst us are able to capture the present. They are able to learn from the past to predict the future, yet, most of their focus relies on the action of the present moment. They realize their success is predicated on what they do now. The successful amongst us are purposeful and are constantly chasing the present moment because the present moment is all we have.

Originally published at on July 25, 2017.

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