How are your communication skills?

No really, how good are you at transferring a message clearly to another individual, in such a way that they clearly understand your intended meaning of the message.

If you are like most individuals chances are you suck at communicating.

And if you believe you are a great communicator, how did you arrive at your conclusion.

Have You:

A.  Studied and Practiced communication

B.  Experienced a Large number of cultures and subcultures around the world

C. Have you been mentored or coached by a great communicator

If you didn’t answer yes to any of those options how could you be a great communicator?

I want you to take 5 minutes to think about or observe your current work environment. How many of your current work problems are due to communication?

What about the major problems?

I bet almost all of you work problems or organizational work problems stem from miscommunication. Someone doesn’t know what is expected of them, someone’s tone in their voice makes others upset, someone unknowingly upset another person but the offended person won’t talk to them about it, the organization doesn’t set clear boundaries or expectations, someone didn’t call to say they were going to be late, a customer is upset because of a price, the manager failed to plan, and the list goes on and on.

Take a moment and let this set in.

Communication is a difficult process, you need to utilize your mind, body, and spirit to effectively communicate with others. It requires patience, practice, persistence, and experience to various people, styles of communication, and culture. Yet we take it for granted when we hire people, promote, and put teams together. This creates a work culture that sucks…. it actually sucks the life out of people.

Everyone has to learn and continue to learn how to communicate.

Without this vital skill, work environments are highly dysfunctional and far less productive than they could be. Leading to countless HR, issues, turnover, and poor leadership. No wonder why most people hate work!!! If you want a work environment that doesn’t suck, the first skill your organization, executives, managers, employees, and you should master is communication. Do you get the message?




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