Hello everyone, I want to talk to you about something that has profoundly changed my life. I want to talk to you about Vision. Specifically, how leaders create vision.

Normally, when most people here vision, they think about vision in the physical sense. The vision that allows us to interpret and explore the physical world. While this type of vision is important it is only a portion of the vision needed to be a leader.

Another equally important vision we experience is during our sleep. We call this vision a dream. A dream uses our uncontrolled sense of imagination. To illustrate a dream I will need your participation.

Pretend you are dreaming. In this dream, you are minutes away from being called on stage to give an important presentation. You suddenly realize you have to go to the restroom. There are no restrooms available, so you run outside to the alley behind the facility. You spot a dumpster and subsequently trip over Donald Trump’s feet, hold for a second what is Donald Trump doing here. Then you make it to the trash can and Oscar the Grouch pops out, causing you to look for another place to relieve yourself. Finally, you find a spot in the corner of the alley and you relieve yourself.

You made it! How do you know you made it? When you wake up you can see the remnants of your dream on the bed next to you.

Let’s come back to reality.

Dreams can be an illogical and an uncontrolled sense of imagination, yet, they are also useful. Although dreams create grand visual imagery they are only a portion of the vision needed to be a leader.

A more controlled sense of imagination can be witnessed through visualization. To help illustrate imagination I will need your help again. I want you to take 15 seconds and visualize the last time you felt present. I want you to think about a special moment where time stood still and you truly enjoyed yourself, where you felt bliss. What was your moment? Who were the people? What were you doing? What are the smell, colors, and tastes?

Ready, set, go?

Ok, let’s come back to reality.

I will share with you, my moment of bliss.
A few years ago, I was able to take my family to Disney World. Unfortunately, my spouse and I were very poor as children so we couldn’t have dreamed of going to Disney World. We secretly planned the trip for spring break without telling the kids until we arrived at the airport.

Fast forward to my moment of bliss. It was just minutes before sunrise and we were entering the Magic Kingdom during magic hours. Magic hours at Disney World are specific hours where only those staying in Disney hotels can visit specific theme parks and the park is closed to the general public.

We walked down Main Street and we felt like Dorthy, the Lion, the Tinman, and the Scarecrow walking down the Yellow Brick Road. You could see a large castle in the distance. You could see the sun slightly rising on one side and darkness on the opposite. There was beautifully coordinated classical music playing in the background. The air was dense, humid, and smelled like the virgin spring.

I looked at my significant other and she was full of emotion and peace knowing that she could do something neither her nor my parents could dream of. I looked at my 6-year-old and she had her hand over her mouth in amazement excited about the possibilities behind the castle. I looked at my 10-year-old son who tried to be cool, instead, he looked like a shaken up coke bottle, ready to explode. Lastly, I looked at my 12-year-old who could never hide her feelings, as she looked at her parents in disbelief that we were actually at Disney World.

That was the first time I knew that everyone I was with, experienced my identical feelings, simultaneously. That was my moment of bliss.

Ok, let’s get back to reality.

Visualization, a controlled sense of imagination is a compelling and important vision, however, it is only a portion of the vision needed to be a leader.

The vision needed to be a leader requires the physical vision to understand and explore our world, the illogical uncontrolled imagination from our dreams, and the controlled sense of imagination and compelling feelings from visualization. In other words, a leader’s vision requires their entire entity mind, body, and soul. I would like to thank Walt Disney for his vision that created my moment of bliss.

As for myself, my vision will allow me to coach others in leadership and personal development, write books and blogs, speak, and utilize social media to distribute my message. If you ever want to know who I am, what my purpose is, and what I do for a living. I will tell you my vision: “I inspire creative people to utilize their imagination to design and manage their lives in the 21st Century”.