Hello all,

This is the Journal of Twinlightenment. This the only place where you will get our deep real-time thoughts.

Currently, we are building a communications empire, however, we are just getting started. It may sound like a crazy idea but I believe the crazy people are responsible for most of our major advance in society. Who would believe that the Wright brothers could build a flying machine, or that a man could walk on the moon, or that civil disobedience could change the laws in our country?

The way I see it, I am less crazy than my ancestors because I have access to more opportunity than they could have imagined.

Our goal is to “Inspire creative people to utilize their imagination to design and manage their lives in the 21st century“. Our goal is to write, speak, coach, and utilize social media to get this message out. We don’t want to just make money, we want to leave our footprint in history. We want our names amongst the great leaders and inventors in world history.

I would love to say that every day I am 100% confident about reaching such a lofty goal, but truthfully I know it is going to take every ounce of me to make this happen. I am often discouraged looking at the short term, however, when I assess my journey thus far, I can say I have never grown so much at any other point in my life.

As of now I have completed two books (ready to be published), created two websites from scratch, created two coaching programs from scratch,  created and delivered 6 speeches from scratch, created a presence on 7 different platforms,  composed 41 songs, created a live broadcast program on periscope, given a 10 minute speech on Facebook live 5 days a week for 3 months, acquired my life coaching and group coaching certificates, learned how to work the OBS system, learned how to work with Photoshop, and maintained a 4.0 at CSU-Global pursuing my degree in Communications.

Even with those small wins, I am still worried about the road ahead but I will continue to move forward because I have so much and so many people who depend on me.  Doesn’t make it easy, but I have only one life. I must admit, I’m, a little afraid yet still have faith in my abilities to see this through. I have been through a lot in my life before the age of 12. I know the greatest battle I will face is the battle from within.



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