What if you could start over?

Start you live over as an adult.

Many of are too busy doing things don’t matter to us. Why?  Have you ever asked yourself, why am I so busy?

What would happen if you erased everything you had to do and did what you wanted? What would happened if a disaster took away all of our obligations (not including family) and we had to start over?

Even though most people would focus on the disaster itself, the things they lost, or the disruption of their way of life, a disaster would be the best thing to happen to most of us.

When things completely fall apart we get a chance to reflect, analyze, and utilize our critical thinking skills. We discover things we never knew until disaster struck. The circumstances can makes us more knowledgeable and stronger. This allows us to put the pieces back together so that they handle disaster better in the future.

Knowing what we now know about life we could design a better life for ourselves.

Think about starting over as chance to start fresh and create the ideal life with more information than we had the first time. If we had a clean slate we could design life the we wanted. We could put more of the people, places, things, and experiences we value into our lives.

Instead of being busy doing all the things we hate, we would be busing pursuing the life we loved. How much better would that be than our current life?

We need to remember that disaster isn’t the end, it is the beginning. Remember that a caterpillar goes the disaster to become a butterfly, a rock goes through tremendous pressure to be a diamond, and storms produce rainbows. So, when we feel that everything is falling apart, we hang on because thats when we get start fresh, begin something new, or when we get to start over.