Similar to the principle of economics (the study of scarce resources that have alternative uses), You are a scarce resource that has an alternative use. So, you cannot possibly have everything you want to happen in your life, happen simultaneously all of the time. You have to prioritize your energy and time in order to balance your lives amongst all of your values. One of the best ways to manage your time and energy is by using the 80/20 principle.

As stated in the book Focal Point by Brian Tracy, the 80/20 principle tells you that 20 percent of your activities account for 80 percent of a given value, or 80 percent of your activities account for only 20 percent of a given value. In other words, it is a better use of your time and energy if you utilize those resources mostly on the 20 percent of activities that provide the most value and try to delegate or eliminate the 80 percent that provide low value.

You can use this to help guide you to efficient action when creating a balanced life. You can start by selecting 3 of your 12 values (slightly over 20%) in which you will give 80 percent of your time and energy to. Next, invest 20% of you time and energy into the remaining 9 values (slightly less than 80%).

For example: Spending you most of your time and energy on the values: Career, Finance, and Rest may give you enough value to also help you afford health care (health value), afford to travel to a foreign destination (travel value), spend more time with family (relationships value), and etc. Action is just part of the process, assessment is the other part called Recall