Imagine yourself as a CEO of a major corporation. To reach the goals needed to help your company thrive, you would need the support of employees working with you to run the daily operations and board members to help guide you as well as hold you accountable for your results.

What if you received that same type of support to help you Balance Your Life?

What if you had someone to help you hold yourself accountable to your goals?

What if you had others working with you to help you achieve your goals?

Now Imagine you have a billion dollars in assets, you would need the assistance of a major financial investment institution to help you manage those assets so that you could maximize the return on your investment. Well, you do have an asset that is worth infinite value, Your Life!!

What if you could get the tools and support that investors get from financial institutions holding their money, except in your case the tools would help you balance and improve the quality of your life?

That’s the kind of company we are building, giving you the assistance of a CEO and the support of a financial investing institution to help you be more Content with your life.

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Hello, my name is Ramon Reese and I “Inspire creative people to use their imagination to design and manage their lives in the 21st century.”

I am creating a company to help people live better lives.

Today’s society is filled with stressed, depressed, and unrested individuals trying to manage their multifaceted lives. It is hard to believe that in this Golden Age, so many of us are walking around sad, fearful, and angry when our society is richer, safer, and more kind than the society of our ancestors. We even have more opportunity and access than our ancestors. All of which, should positively affect the quality of our lives.

Why are we so miserable, when we just want to be happy?

Maybe it’s because we don’t know what happiness is or maybe it’s not happiness we that we want.

Maybe we just want to be Content!

Maybe we just want a way to manage our daily issues without feeling our life is on autopilot.

Maybe we want more time to do the things we love.

Maybe we want more time to be with the people we love.

Maybe we want to be Content with our actions.

Maybe we want to be Content with our decisions.

Maybe We Just Want To Be…

That’s where Life Balance comes in.

Life Balance is doing more of what we love, when we love, where we love, with whom we love, and knowing why we love to do it. Life Balance is also being Content in our decisions to utilize the appropriate energy, to complete the appropriate action, in the appropriate moment. Meaning at any given time, we are Content with our decision and actions in life.

In short Life Balance is being Content with our lives

It is to BE

And there is one secret ingredient to Life Balance... It Is YOU!

BE YOU!!!!!

We want to be a part of your revolution. Let’s get started you have some amazing shoes to fill.

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As I continue to grow I’ve come to a fork in the road, I’m so busy now that I don’t get to do what I want to do, which is to influence and mentor people. The last few years I’ve battled internally, finally deciding to focus on things I want to do for the remainder of my life. No more burying the intuition, no more settling for any status quo in my career. All it took was my last vacation to finally make the decision. For the majority of my life, I’ve traveled all over the United States and recently abroad. The traveling has taught me a few things. When traveling I’m always out of my comfort zone, this challenges me to embrace the fear of the unknown and that no matter what, it will all be okay. In life, I’ve always figured out how to persevere and so has everyone else. So what is there to be truly afraid of?

When I was younger I had a difficult childhood being moved from house to house and state to state to live with different family members. I can remember a time where the cleanest clothes I had were the one with less mildew than the others. I can remember the time where I would have to use the neighbor’s water hose just to have water to drink. I can remember the time I went a whole summer at age 11 with no water, no lights, and left with no food with my sister & brother having to fend for ourselves.

I was fortunate enough to have a grandmother raise me in my mid-teen years and she changed my whole outlook on life. The things I was afraid of, the challenges that I had to overcome, she was right by my side to help because she cared. She taught me some valuable life skills that helped me be the independent person I am today. With her help, I can safely say I went from someone who probably would not be alive and blaming the world for all my problems, to someone who stands up and takes care of myself.

My motto is “ The Life I Choose to Live” and I stand by that, I’m in control, no excuse because I can change things anytime I want. I’ve been in the financial industry for 16 1/2 years and I love this fast pace environment and the challenges and risk that come with it. Coming from where I came from to work in the financial industry (stock market) I feel I beat my odds statistically. So for those people that doubt themselves, just think someone believes in you, I sure do. You know why? because someone believed in me once (my grandma) and I changed into the man I am today. So I’m now ready to utilize the tools that I have acquired through experience to help those that want to help themselves. Remember I’m just like you, maybe, except for the fact that I take the fear of creating my own life and use as the energy that drives me. If I can come from where I came from and now be a person that goes after his dreams while taking care of business in the professional environment you can too. Let me help you build your “Corporation of Me” to tackle your dreams personally and professionally!


Rollo has worked for one of “Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies 2016″ for over 16 years. He has also managed for 10 1/2 in the Financial Industry. He is an Inspirational Speaker and avid World Traveler.

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