Life is an Oxymoron

We are actually living and dying simultaneously. Although many of us believe we are living, the majority are just barely existing. We complete the same mundane task daily, weekly, and monthly just to be comfortable and safe.

We are so afraid of uncertainty, we remain in careers that stress us out, relationships that we aren’t happy with, and alter are actions to fit in with the majority.

Instead of living we are dying a Slow Monotonous DEATH!

There are only a few among us who are lucky to experience life.

The lucky among us have had to endure major trials and tribulations. These include: people with terminal illness; those who chased their dreams and failed; those that have endured a traumatic childhood due to neglect and abuse; and countless others who have encountered adversity.

No one wishes for such adversity but the lucky who experience adversity and fight through it, learn to value life. They learn to appreciate what most of us take for granted, the opportunity to live, the opportunity for success, the opportunity enhance our life.

How can we enjoy the experience of life without adversity?

Many adults aspire to give their children better lives than they had. If possible, adults place their children in better schools, give more money, and shower their kids with the gifts the adults neglected to receive as a child. In return, the child doesn’t appreciate education, doesn’t value money, and aren’t grateful for the gifts they receive.

While this isn’t an accurate reflection of every situation, it illustrates the importance of adversity.  If we don’t work for something or encounter adversity to get it, we don’t fully appreciate it.

Adversity teaches us how to live!

Adversity reinforces the value of life!

Adversity teaches you how to fight for life!

We have to feel the life and death of everything in our world to understand. To appreciate life we have to experience all of it, not just the good parts. We have to experience pain to understand joy, hate to understand love, failure to understand success, and death to understand life.

There exist no safety in life, so why do we try to protect ourselves from life by living predictably and monotonously?

We need to take a chance at life and maybe we can be one of the lucky who actually live.

In the future when we encounter adversity, exhausted all of our skills, talents, and resources; our life is falling apart, and or we hit rock bottom, we should smile and meet our adversity head-on because thats when our life begins.