It is said that one of the greatest forms of flattery is imitation. The ability to inspire other to follow is called leadership. Great leaders are imitated and idolized by their followers. While this may be a great ego booster, there exist certain followers which are extremely beneficial to leaders. Specifically, these followers are the children of leaders.


Our strongest relationships are usually within our families, specifically our spouses and children. It is the strength of these relationships that determine our happiness, fulfillment, and many of our successes in life. This makes the support from our family extremely important. It is also important to note that we often have an identity at work that is not as authentic as our identity at home when we are relaxed and carefree (not quite). So your family knows who you truly are. If your family loves the real you, they will support you, if your children love and idolize you, they will follow you. Generally, the support and approval of your family has more weight than the opinions of others.

Leaders who are able to inspire both their families and others authentically have more followers and supporters. The more support a leader has, the more successful they are. A great leader is able to merge both work and home identities because they are authentic to their true-self. This means they don’t have to pretend, they can be themselves. There is no greater benefit for a leader than to be appreciated and followed by just being their self. And the cherry on top is to be followed, idolized and imitated by their children.

A great benefit of leadership is being followed, idolized, and imitated by your children. If they follow and imitate you, you will have successfully completed one of the hardest tasks on the planet. Having the support of your child is a hidden but extremely beneficial perk of leadership. You will truly know that you are a great leader if you attract others to follow you and are able to also go home and light the candle so that you can see a reflection in the mirror (your child) that will change the world.