In only 8 weeks you will gain the confidence and leadership skills to increase your annual income by 10%. I usually start out with Eight-week Six-Sessions to give you the knowledge and leadership skills of the 21st Century. Give you the confidence to capitalize on the opportunities to give yourself a raise (I also offer other session formats and single sessions)

21st Century Leadership 
Session 1 (Wk1)
Fundamentals of Leadership – learn why you are not born a leader, and what basic leadership skills you need to lead an engaged workforce.

Session 2 (Wk 2)
Leadership Types – learn how to determine your dominant leadership style and how to use it along with other leadership styles effectively.

Session 3 (Wk 3)
Communication – learn how to implement essential communication techniques to establish strong relationships and engagement within your team.

Session 4 (Wk 4)
Generational Leadership – activities to understand the characteristics of the 5 working generations and strategies to lead each generation or a multigenerational workforce. 

Session 5 (Wk 5)
Pitfalls of Leadership – common mistakes and problems made by leaders and solutions to these problems.

(Wk 6)
Action – Implementing your plan

(Wk 7)
Action – Implementing your plan

Session 6 (Wk 8)
Application of Leadership – how to incorporate your knowledge from these sessions into everyday use within your organization and receive ongoing support for your new leaders from this program.

After the 8 weeks session we can say our goodbyes and part ways, or we can decide on other session formats, or you can schedule individual sessions,  you decide what the next best move is for your 21st Century Leadership Development. These eight-weeks are intended to produce dramatic increase in leadership capabilities, confidence, and income. (Additional sessions are available upon request).

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