Because work is going to consume a large part of your life, you must actively take control of your career goals and aspirations if you want to live a happier more fulfilling life. No one understands your needs, wants, and desires better than you do, so it up to you to create a plan of action to find or create the career you desire. You don’t have to do this alone we are here to help.

In only 8 weeks you can Take Ownership of Your Career I usually start out with Eight-week Six-Sessions to create a plan and action to gain tremendous momentum, bringing you More SATISFACTION, FULFILLMENT, DIRECTION, AND CONTROL IN YOUR LIFE/CAREER. Most importantly, you will Take Control of Your Career!!! (I also offer other session formats and single sessions)

Corporation of Me (Career Management)

SESSION 1 (Wk 1)
Assessment –
Take a deeper look into your interest, values, and capabilities to help you discover potential career choices.

SESSION 2 (Wk 2)
Decide – Utilize self-awareness, interest, skills, and assessments to decide on a direction for your career

SESSION 3 (Wk 3)
Reality Check – Discover any gaps, obstacles, and weaknesses that stand between you and your career goals.

SESSION 4 (Wk 4)
Create – Create a plan of action to accomplish your career goals and put it in motion

SESSION 5 (Wk 5)
Progress Check – Assess your wins and failures to make adjustment to your action plan if needed

(Wk 6)
Action – Implementing your plan

(Wk 7)
Action – Implementing your plan

SESSION 6 (Wk 8)
Reflection – Utilize your current project as well as your previous sessions to reflect and evaluate your progress and way forward. Take full ownership of your career choices and development.


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