Your brand is your most essential asset and should also be your largest investment. In short, your brand tells who you are, why you do what you do, and how you do it. If you want to achieve the most in your career you must develop your brand. Your actions are what determine your brand, like it or not this is who you truly are personally and professionally. I repeat, whatever you do & say (actions) is who you really are. It is really important to align your brand with your personal and professional goals. 

We would love to help you with that!!

In only 8 weeks you can Develop Your Brand. I usually start out with Eight-week Six-Sessions to create a plan and action to gain tremendous momentum, bringing you More SATISFACTION, FULFILLMENT, DIRECTION, AND CONTROL IN YOUR LIFE & CAREER. Most importantly you will Create Your Brand!!! (I also offer other session formats and single sessions)

Corporation of Me Program
SESSION 1 (Wk 1)
Discovery – Learn how becoming selfish makes you more honest and deflates your ego.
Discover techniques on how to express yourself to others and to be confident
in who you are.

SESSION 2 (Wk 2)
Reflection – Assess your skill, talents, needs, and hobbies, learn how to combine
these with your new honesty and confidence lifestyle to create

SESSION 3 (Wk 3)
Purpose – Discover your personal truth, what is your purpose, what do you want out of life?

SESSION 4 (Wk 4)
Planning – Develop a new vision, organize your new life, create an action plan to accomplish your goals

SESSION 5 (Wk 5)
Action – Create strategies to put your plan in action, and act.

(Wk 6)
Action – Implementing your plan

(Wk 7)
Action – Implementing your plan

SESSION 6 (Wk 8)
Follow up – Evaluate your progress, setbacks, and adjust your actions and plans to help you achieve your goals, Evaluate your level of control of your life, take your new plan, spread your new wings, and fly.

After the 8 weeks session, we can say our goodbyes and part ways. We can also decide on other sessions or you can schedule individual sessions. You decide what the next best move is for your Corporation of Me. These eight-weeks are intended to produce a dramatic increase in the levels of satisfaction, fulfillment, direction, and control in your life. (Additional coaching sessions are available upon request).


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